SCDC member dog clubs are welcome to place this membership validation icon on their website.
The Sacramento Council of Dog Clubs
is a coalition of AKC breed, all-breed, and training clubs, each represented by a delegate at bi-monthly meetings (Council By-Laws). The General Membership meeting is held on the second Monday of every odd number month at 7:00 p.m. at the SMUD Customer Service Center, 6301 S Street, Sacramento

Any club may apply for membership in the Council by writing to the Corresponding Secretary, P.O. Box 215126, Sacramento, CA 95821. Or, you can click [HERE] for a printable copy of the application.


Donner Trail KC
Gold Country KC
Hangtown KC
Sacramento KC None
Sacramento Valley Dog Fanciers Assoc.
San Joaquin KC
Two Cities KC
Sacramento Dog Training Club
CA Airedale Terrier Club
N. CA Bearded Collie Fanciers
Bichon Frise Club of N. CA
Sacramento Valley Boxer Club
Mother Lode Bulldog Club of Sacramento
N. CA Dachshund Club
Gold Country English Setter Fanciers
German Shepherd Dog Club of Sac. Valley
German Shorthaired Pointer Club of N. Sac. Valley
German Wirehaired Pointer Club of N. California
NORCAL Golden Retriever Club
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club
Great Dane Club of N. CA
Irish Setter Club of Sacramento None
California Sierra Keeshond Club
Nor-Cal Keeshond Club
Sierra Vista Labrador Retriever Club
Sacramento-Sierra Norwegian Elkhound Club
Old English Sheepdog League of N. CA None
Golden Gate Pembroke Welsh Corgi Fanciers
NorCal Poodle Rescue Club
Sacramento Sierra Saint Bernard Club
Saint Bernard Club of Greater San Jose None
San Francisco Bay Scottish Terrier Club
Sacramento Valley Shetland Sheepdog Club
San Francisco Bay West Highland White Terrier Club